A Small Secret on Acheiving Your Goals

Often times a yoga class begins with the instructor giving some type of anecdote. On this Thursday evening Carly mentions that the 40 Day Challenge theme at FlyDog this week is about allowing the process to flow naturally. “You can’t force the process,” she says. She elaborates that this makes her think of a garden.

You can’t rush the process of a garden. You know something is happening there; there is life and growth, but you might not be able to see it. As you patiently wait, over time the plants begin to flourish, bloom and produce their fruit. The harvest comes and then the plants die and make their way back to the earth and the process begins again. There is no rushing this process, no rushing life at its very essence.

If we can’t rush the process, what do we do? When we want something to happen, when we’re taking action to incite change, when we’re working so hard; what do we do when the results don’t come as quickly as we like? e pose, we’re encouraged to notice the small changes and feelings that arise and sit with them.

A zen proverb

It’s important to keep this mindset with our terrariums too. There’s a new tiny leaf that’s just breaking out. We can’t force it to grow any faster than it needs to grow. We water it, give it love, and trust it will grow at its own pace. Our little plant friend will flourish.

The same is true in our work, life, relationships and goals. Of course action is necessary to make progress toward our goals, but the key is to trust the process as we’re taking those actions. To be in it, be aware, but sit and trust.

This post was written as a Small Act Feature by Heather, creator of Small Acts Count