Finding your muse when you’re in the creativity desert

As writers, artists and creatives there are times when we can’t seem to find the juice necessary to produce our art. The muse is nowhere to be found, and we’re in a creativity desert searching for the oasis of inspiration. Writer’s block. The wall. Whatever you might call it, it happens to us all. Seth Godin would argue no such thing exists, and we should write, draw, paint, develop, or sing through it and "ship", no matter what.

Sometimes that helps, but sometimes it doesn’t. In those times, I turn inward, and write for myself, in a journal. I put my pen to paper, yes physical paper, and write about my thoughts, fears, encounters, dreams, gratitudes, and whatever else might pour out.

These pages are not for the public’s eye. It’s not meant to be something I share with others, or “ship” as Godin would say, but I’m still creating something, and it’s a practice that helps the muse return.

NEON Festival Creativity Re-emerges

After spending two days at the NEON Festival last fall talking with folks about their experiences with plants, I discovered that everyone has some plant story. I feverishly wrote down the stories of plants that have been passed from generation to generation, times where they seemingly killed the thing only to revive it months later, and the joy and happiness these quiet companions bring into the lives of those they surround.

I connected with people in a way I never had before, and some people probably thought it was an odd question. “Do you have a plant story you want to share?” Many people didn’t know how to respond at first. Some people wrote down their own detailed stories. You can take a look at all of the 50+ stories we collected here and add your own.

A place to find your muse

After we read all of them we decided to build something around these stories, a culture of course, but something tangible too. So along came the plant journal. It’s our hope that these plant journals will be used for folks looking for the muse and those who are guided by it daily.

Your poems, song lyrics, dreams, fears, desires, to-do lists, notes or doodles go here. Writing is one of the most cathartic and therapeutic Small Acts we can practice. Often counselors recommend their patients write in a journal daily. It’s a frequent “prescription” for individuals hoping to recover from trauma.

It’s a product, and yes, it’s something we want you to buy, but it’s more than that. Our intention is to provide a platform for inspiration with these journals and  a place for you to outlet your mind and whatever thoughts drift across it. On the inside front and back covers you’ll find the plant stories from our NEON Festival popup. We hope you’ll use it to write your own and make it a part of your personal plant therapy.

Small Acts Feature by Heather, creator of Small Acts Count