3 Easy Ways to Celebrate Spring

For me, life is most rich during the spring. What was once barren, blossoms. After months of seeming inactivity life bursts forth from the ground, cracks in the sidewalk, and the tips of spindly empty limbs. The energy casts a luminous green effervescence as the sun beams through the new leaves just shooting out.

It is truly a time to celebrate this miracle we call life. It’s a welcome reminder of resilience, persistence, and growth even through the harshest times. It speaks to the impermanence of all situations. No matter how cold and dark it may be, it will change, and a new journey begins.

In honor of this yearly splendor we want to share a few Small Acts you can practice to celebrate spring and all its glory.

1. Cherish the flowers

The other day as I walked through the forest I came upon many varieties of small beautiful flowers. I recalled a quote, although I could not remember who originally said it, that the “earth laughs in flowers.” Later, John posted this on Facebook, not knowing I had thought of it, and reminded me it was a Ralph Waldo Emerson quote.

Some of these flowers stick around for weeks. Others fall from their limbs within days. So laugh along with the Earth and show these flowers some love. Pull a few petals and press them in a heavy book for a fond memory later, pick a bouquet for your mom, or simply sit with a flower and enjoy it’s beauty. The color, texture, and shape of each of them is unique and something to behold. It’s a simple Small Act to celebrate the yearly awakening of these delicate decorations.

2. Play with plants

It’s time to get the garden going! Maybe you’ve got a small apartment patio or just a little outdoor space. Container gardens or porch planters are great for herbs and veggies. Gardening is good for the mind and the soul! Our bodies need the sunlight and our hands need to feel the dirt. Get in touch with your green thumb.

Perhaps the outdoor growing isn’t your thing? We have several events coming up where you can create a small succulent container garden to keep inside your home or office. How ever you choose to do it, plants really do make people good, and gaining a plant companion is a Small Act that gives back to you.

3. Take a hike

Get outside. There’s nothing like strolling through a lush green field or densely wooded forest to calm the nerves and quiet the mind. It’s been shown to alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety. Simply taking your dog for a walk at the park where there are trees and other plants as opposed to just around the block along the busy street will improve your mood!

Winter wasn’t too bad, but now that spring is in full force, and there’s so much beauty to behold. Get out and move around, enjoy the woods, climb a tree, run through a field. Let the kid in your heart run free. Celebrate spring with joy and gratitude for the outdoors. That’s a Small Act worth practicing every day!


This is a Small Acts Feature written by Heather, of Small Acts Count